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  • BC Culinary Bali Asli cooking class

  • BC Culinary Bali Asli ikan_bakar

  • BC Culinary Bali Asli mt agunug and sunset

  • BC Culinary Bali Asli restaurant to ricefields at sunset

  • BC Culinary Bali Asli Sunset


  • BC Culinary Bali Asli table and ricefields

  • BC Hidden beach fishing boats

  • BC Hidden beach fishing boats and headland

  • BC Hidden beach fun for all ages

  • BC Hidden beach ready for snorkelling

  • BC Hidden beach swimming

  • BC Hidden beach umbrellas and beach

  • BC Hidden beach view to left

  • BC Snorkelling the reef

  • BC snorkelling tree girls and fins

  • BC snorkelling with turtles

Welcome to Bali an island loved by its people and visitors alike for many centuries. One of the key elements in the preservation of cultures, environments and historical sites is the ability to create a value of these great assets so they will be preserved for many more centuries to come.

Creating value is as simple as sharing a secret of their beauty, their history, their enjoyment… “the next best thing to knowing something is knowing where to find it” *Samuel Jackson(1709-1784)

We would like to share with you some of Bali’s hidden secrets not just the turquoise blue water and white sand of her hidden beaches or the finest restaurants the island has become famous for we will share with you where it all started, where this island and her beautiful people became Balinese Hindu we will travel by foot, bike, car and boat back centuries and reveal why we have all fallen in LOVE with Bali these exclusive activities have been created with decades of knowledge to offer a little something for everyone,
holidays should be about relaxation, fun, swimming, massage, great food and drinks
holidays should also be spent exploring the culture and environment you are enjoying so much.

Come with us and explore this unique culture, island and people that is Bali.