seven temples to enlightenment a journey through the World Heritage listed pakerisan valley the birth place of Balinese culture

  • 7 temples a friendly chat and a stroll

  • 7 temples Ancient mud brick temple 8th Century

  • 7 temples Bali's largest lingam only 13 is above the ground

  • 7 temples Bali's Oldest Shiwa Hindhu temple

  • 7 temples barong carving pura gumung

  • 7 temples blessing at Jagasari

  • 7 temples blessing ceremony

  • 7 temples bodhi tree and buddha

  • 7 temples Budha stupar hindu ceremony

  • 7 temples calling the ancestors

  • 7 temples carry rice stalks for cattle feed

  • 7 temples carvings collected from 10th century

  • 7 temples carvings from 10th century

  • 7 temples Ceremony Circe 1920-1930

  • 7 temples Enong curator Sukarno Museum and Robert Curran photographer

  • 7 temples fantastic views

  • 7 temples forecourt of Mengening

  • 7 temples heritage listing at pegulingan

  • 7 temples hindu and bhuddist

  • 7 temples Jagasari 11-12th century notice stupa style on gates

  • 7 temples Jagasari 1930's

  • 7 temples Jagasari 1oth century vast;y difference philosphy in carving

  • 7 temples Jagasari 8th century naga very similar to Cambodian Naga

  • 7 temples Jagasari Banyan tree

  • 7 temples Jagasari barong very different to the modern carvings

  • 7 temples Jagasari Buddha statue

  • 7 temples Jagasari central part of the Pura representing the body

  • 7 temples Jagasari feet it is easy to follow the links by the unique carving and color

  • 7 temples Jagasari place for artifacts

  • 7 temples lingam

  • 7 temples lunch is served in the ricefields

  • 7 temples Mangku and kadek

  • 7 temples Mangku at meditation caves

  • 7 temples Mangku at meditation caves Pura

  • 7 temples Mangku at Mengening

  • 7 temples Mangku at the water fall

  • 7 temples Mangku in blessing ceremony

  • 7 temples Mangku praying

  • 7 temples Mangku respecting the Gods

  • 7 temples Mangku standing in rainforest at waterfall

  • 7 temples meditation cabes largely untouched

  • 7 temples meditation caves Pura

  • 7 temples meditation caves walking in

  • 7 temples Mengening

  • 7 temples original species of rice brought to Bali much higher than now grown

  • 7 temples Our starting point 8th century

  • 7 temples part of the team at the entrance to the hidden valley

  • 7 temples path to the hidden valley

  • 7 temples path to waterfall

  • 7 temples Pegulingan 10th century carvings

  • 7 temples pegulingan buddha stupa largest in Bali and inside a hindu temple

  • 7 temples pura at caves and rainforest

  • 7 temples pura for daily use at meditation caves

  • 7 temples Pura Gumung stone carving of solar system predates Galileo by 200years

  • 7 temples Pura Gumung this tree is used only for special masks for important ceremonies

  • 7 temples Pura Gumung view through to the untouched jungle

  • 7 temples Pura Jagasari Hindhu Shiwa mark

  • 7 temples Pura Jagasari inside the blue color is unique to this temple

  • 7 temples rice harvesting at Pegulingan

  • 7 temples Robert being blessed

  • 7 temples Robert Curran at waterfall

  • 7 temples Robert Curran has holy water splashed on him

  • 7 temples Robert Curran on the footstepos of Mengening

  • 7 temples Robert Curran photographer with a friend

  • 7 temples Robert Curran with Enong and Brett

  • 7 temples Seven Temples to Enlightenment

Who is this tour for : This ideal for those who are interested in history and culture of a unique island and its people and love to go where few others have travelled.
Price from: US$185 per person

This is an exclusive tour through seven world heritage temples and monuments that trace the creation of the Balinese Hindu religion“Hindu Darma” from the 8th Century to the 12th Century where three religions finally became one.
Modern day Bali Hinduism evolved over centuries and is a mixture of Buddhism, Hinduism mixed with the influences of the Javanese empire.

Your journey through seven temples of enlightenment will take you back to the very beginning as we trace the evolution of the this amazing and unique culture that has influenced an entire Nation.
The temples and meditation places we visit are seldom frequented by locals let alone visitors.

This is a very special opportunity to be one of the first visitors to touch and help preserve part of the Pakerisan world heritage listed area, an important part of a unique cultures history.
Our day begins with a short lecture at the private house of Bapak Anong Ishmail the Curator of the Sukarno museum and the leading expert on the recently World Heritage listed
Pakerisan River area and its ancient temples and monuments.

His simple house sits amongst the rice fields on a ridge to the sacred river of Pakerisan; it’s a beautiful place to start our day. Anong’s life passion is give back to the country that he loves and through his work documenting the Balinese culture since 1979, he now would like to share his findings to help preserve the temples and monuments you will visit for future generations to enjoy.

We will take you back through time as Bapak Anong and his team with our expert guides will lead you through “seven temples and meditation sites” rarely seen by tourists or Balinese.
The temples, dating back to the 8th Century and up to the 12th Century are basically untouched, only the weather has changed their appearance. These temples have played a significant role in the development of present day Balinese culture, for those who enjoy history and culture they are something very special to visit.
We will start at the first temple built in Bali after Besakih, in the 8th Century, continue to a temple that is both Buddhist and Hindu built in the 10th Century and still used today where we will have lunch prepared for us in the rice fields.
In the afternoon we will make our way to an ancient meditation site hidden in the rainforests and carved out of the stone walls basically untouched since the 10th Century. Here we will be met by a local priest who will conduct a blessing ceremony for us to wish you luck on your onward journeys in life.
The day finishes in a large temple where in the 12th Century that the leaders of the Buddhist, Hindu Shiva and “respect your ancestor” religions met and agreed to create one religion for all Hindu Darma or Balinese Hindu.

Very few tourists have been allowed to enter this area, through our association with Bapak Anong Ismail and his position within the Sukarno centre, the relationship with the
local villages we have been entrusted to bring very limited numbers of visitors to this important place in history. We wish to preserve and sustain this key element of Balinese
history and believe to do this we must share its story with Balinese and tourists alike.
We have worked with a leading world expert on sustainable tourism to ensure that our only impact is the preservation of the temples and that the villages surrounding directly
benefit by your choice to visit included in your tour fee is a donation that goes directly to the restoration of the temple’s.
Pickup from your villa is @0730 and you will return around 1800.
What to bring : Camera
What to wear : Please note no singlets allowed, sunscreen, comfortable walking shoes, sunglasses,
hat, mosquito repellent.
What is included : return transfers, guides who have studied this story for over 25 years, refreshment in car, lunch in the rice fields, blessing ceremony,
entrance fee to all temples tax & insurance, donation to the village and temples and coffee break, sarong & sash.
Who is this tour for : This ideal for those who are interested in history and culture of a unique island and its people and love to go where few others have travelled.

this tour has limited numbers reservations essential must be booked at least 48 hours in advance. Prices are per person. Rates are subject to change. *conditions apply.

*Our guides are paid up to 5 times of that recommended by the guide association as we believe that knowledge should be rewarded and guides should not feel they have to take guests to places to buy things just so they can earn a living.